eksa E900 headset featured image

EKSA E900 Gaming Headset Review

Today I have the EKSA E900 Gaming Headset to test, a budget orientated device in a familiar design, lets see what it has to offer.
Blue Yeti X Box microphone featured image

Blue Yeti X Professional USB Microphone Review

The product I have today is the latest incarnation in the Yeti series the Yeti X. What can this condenser microphone offer I wonder?
Blue Yeti Nano Featured Image

Blue Yeti Nano USB Microphone Review

The Blue Yeti Nano is the latest USB based condenser microphone to come from Blue Microphones and we give our verdict on what should be a popular purchase for streamers, podcasters and content creators.

Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Today I will be taking a look at their latest HS70 wireless headset - a different, yet simple headphones and mic combo, that takes a step back from the current RGB craze.

Creative Sound Blaster X3 USB DAC Review

The Creative Sound Blaster X3 is a mid-range offering hoping to tempt in people looking for quality audio.
Blue Ember XLR feature

Blue Ember XLR Studio Condenser Mic Review

The Ember is a new studio condenser mic from the guys over at Blue. Coming in at a super low price, can it deliver what it promises?

Creative Sound Blaster X4 USB DAC Review

Today’s offering comes in the form of the Sound Blaster X4. A high-res 7.1 external USB DAC and Amp sound card with Super X-Fi and SmartComms kit that works on PC, laptops and consoles

Asus ROG Strix Fusion 500 Review

The ROG Strix Fusion 500 is aimed at competitive gamers that want a top-notch cabled headset for the PC and PS4. I take a look to see what you get and if it's worth the asking price of between £125 and £150 at time of the review.

Creative SXFI AIR GAMER Headset Review

Creative has created a headset for everyone, that works with anything that outputs via USB, 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth. In my head, that pretty much covers almost everything! Be that: PC gaming, Console gaming & VR gaming, and then when you're not gaming they double down as a really good pair of Bluetooth headphones capable of making calls.

Blue Sadie Wireless Headphones Review

The Blue Sadie sit as one of Blue Microphones most premium headphones with a whole host of features designed to deliver top quality audio performance at a highly contested price point.