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Kitsound is well known for their audio products and catering to consumers and their everyday lifestyles. They have a wide range of products, ranging from headphones to loudspeakers and even a few designed for home cinemas. They also offer a few DAB Radio that have a bit of a retro feel to them and some other products and accessories.

In 2015, music is easier than it has ever been to listen to. From Itunes, Spotify, Tidal to YouTube and the good ole’ fashioned CD’s, users have everything they could ever want to listen to at their fingertips at almost any given time. This is where KitSound comes in, their products are meant to accommodate users lifestyles and adapt around them, instead of the user having to adapt to the product. With music being seamlessly easy to find, we need products that are going to welcome users in by their individual tastes and desires.

Today I will be taking a look at a pair of headphones from the folks at KitSound by way of the Clash Evolution. The Evolution model is an update to the Clash range and offers Bluetooth connectivity for an easier listening speaker. The Clash Evolutions come with 40mm drivers, call answering function and the battery life is good for up to 10hours! Also, to make sure they don’t get dirty or damaged when not in use, they come with a nice carry pouch that offers that little extra bit of protection to gives consumers an ease of mind.

To get things kicked off, let’s have a look at the packaging. 


The box for the Clash Evolution comes with a nicely designed cover which easily slides off. The outside cover features an image of the headphones themselves, giving users an idea of what to expect. We can also see that they are designed in a brushed aluminium finish and come with a carry case.  On to the back of the box and there is a bit more descriptive information regarding the headphones. Users will be able to see the full features, specifications and box contents here as well as a short description on what KitSound feel the Clash Evolution represent.




The carry case that comes included is quite nice, it is hard enough to make sure the headphones won’t get damaged under normal circumstances. However, if you jump on the case you will most likely break it as while it is hard, it is not made from steel!

Opening the case up and the headphones come folded to reduce the space needed, there is also a small pocket on the top that holds the user guide and accessories that come included with the Clash Evolution headphones. Getting the headphones out of their case and we can finally see that lovely leather finish the headband has to offer, coupled with the brushed aluminium finish on the outside of the earcups and we are onto a very nice looking pair of headphones.





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