AMD FX-6330 Black Edition CPU Launched in China 2

The FX-6330 was released in China with very little fanfare and is essentially the same specs as the FX-6300, with the same Vishera 6 cores along with the same amount of L2 and L3 cache and TDP of 95W but has had the base and turbo clock speed increased by 100MHz.

amd fx 6330 2

Benchmarks that have been done so far have compared it to an Intel core i3-4160 which shows the FX as slightly faster, for example in Shadow or Mordor on the i3 it was 45.3 Fps and on the FX, it was 49.8.

Amd fx 6330

The price is approximately £75 so it does work out cheaper then 4160 and checking on some websites does seem cheaper than the 6300 though there is no news on if it will be released outside of China.

My own thoughts: Really not sure what the point of this release was if you have a 6300 it would be very straightforward to overclock to get the extra speed if it does get released outside of China it would be the price that makes the difference and if they use it to replace the 6300.

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