In an unexpected release from AMD, it’s now official that the Ryzen 7 CPUs have been released and are available to pre-order from numerous online retailers.

Earlier today AMD held a press event for news editors, originally this information wasn’t going to be public but AMD have obviously changed their minds and now the Ryzen 7 CPUs are released officially.

At present only the Ryzen 7 lineup has been released which are as follows.

SKU Base Spd Turbo Spd TDP RRP (USD)
1800x 3.6Ghz 4.0Ghz 95w $499
1700x 3.4Ghz 3.8Ghz 95w $399
1700 3.0Ghz 3.7Ghz 65w $329

Currently a release date for the Ryzen 5 and 3 CPUs hasn’t been given just that it will be “later” this year; we are hopeful that this won’t be too late this year.

One piece of good news is that Ryzen has even beaten AMDs own initial expectations with these new CPUs offering an IPC increase of 52% over their previous architecture. This is a phenomenal increase in performance compared to their last release of CPUs.

The 1800x CPU with an RRP of $499 is a blisteringly fast CPU and as we can see in the benchmarks below the $499 chip is able to actually beat Intel’s current 6900K CPU which has an RRP of over double the price at $1089

The $399 1700x CPU also still compares well with the Intel 6900K however more importantly it easily out performs the similarly prices I7 6800K

The lowest powered Ryzen 7 CPU the 1700 can also not be forgotten with an RRP of $329 it is still a very fast CPU and easily out performs Intel’s Kaby Lake 7700K CPU while also being cheaper.

At present no UK prices have been confirmed for the Ryzen 7 CPUs but we are eager to see how they will compare to our current Intel offerings

Let us know your thoughts on the Ryzen 7 CPUs below

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