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Everyone knows of the film “The Lord of the Rings” with its main characters the hobbits. The plot of this film created many different games, and Minecraft is no exception. You can download Minecraft skins for these movie characters and play them in the game, so let’s take a closer look at who the hobbits are.

Hobbits are a small and inconspicuous, but ancient people. Due to their small height (about 120 cm), they are also called half-breeds or non-seniors.

Virtually nothing is known about the origin of the hobbits. In the prologue to “The Lord of the Rings” Tolkien directly writes that hobbits are close relatives of people (much closer than elves or gnomes), but what is the degree of this kinship – no one knows.

The oldest references to the hobbits say that before the Days of Wanderings, they inhabited the headwaters of Anduin between the Misty Mountains and the Clear boron. Hobbits chronicles began with the arrival of the Shire and it is not known for certain what prompted them to take a very dangerous and long journey through the mountains to Eriador. The hobbits themselves complained about people who became too numerous in their land, and sometimes mentioned the Shadow that fell on their home and turned it into Twilight.

Before the Days of Wanderings, there were already three main tribes of hobbits:

  • Stoors  – more than others and strong, usually inhabited by river valleys and plains.
  • Harfoots – swarthy and lower than others, but agile. Hills and small mountains were considered the best place of residence.
  • Fallohides – light-skinned and fair-haired, but very flexible and strong. They settled in the woods and preferred farming.

In ancient times before the transition, the Harfoots lived in the foothills and were with the gnomes. They were the very first to move to the West. Later, the Harfoots formed the basis of Eriador’s hobbits, known for their custom of settling in heaps and cramped in burrows and caves. Strong Stoors moved a little later from the Great River, and before that became friends with people. The few Fallohides who lived in the north were very fond of elves and, probably, it was from these people that Fallohides adopted music and singing.

In Minecraft, hobbits are a race of half-races, a peaceful people that inhabit the Biosphere Shire. They are very well known for their love of food and smoking. They live in burrows, and also freely walk around the Shire, whether alone or in groups. A hobbit can be a man or a woman. Each of them has its own randomly chosen name (out of 4000). They are also very brave people (during the skirmish on Amon-Hen Merry and Pippin they killed many orcs together with Boromir, and they were able to persuade the Ents to go to Isengard).

There are a lot of different sites where you can download skins, but the problem is that there is always a risk you could also get a virus on your PC together with the file. If you want to have Minecraft skins of hobbits without fear of viruses, then follow https://skins4minecraft.com/ or https://www.minecraftskins.net/ and download different characters.


Hobbits tend to wander aimlessly, but remain in the same building area as they are. Hobbits can open and close doors. They are able to escape from enemies, but they will not be able to attack (if in the Shire they begin to attack the Hobbits, then a few Shirts will appear, which will protect the defenceless ones).

Like most mobs in the game, hobbits are capable of spawning and re spawning. The first one comes from the fact that the hobbits are not attached to other buildings, except Shire’s side. For example, hobbits living in the burrow will never re-spawn – they are masters.

Hobbits can eat or drink from time to time, as well as smoke a pipe. The hobbits will talk to you with the right mouse button, they talk about the most different things, if the hobbit knows that you are the enemy (it all depends on the reputation), then he will not talk to you.


If your reputation is +100 or higher, then you can hold a wedding ceremony with two hobbits. In order to do this, you must first purchase two Hobbits rings, trading with the bartender, who sells them. Then find two hobbits of different sexes and give them rings! See how the magic of love happens in your eyes (you will gain experience and your relationship with the hobbits will be equal 10). You cannot marry two hobbits with the same name.

After the wedding, the hobbits will have a hobbit after some time. The small hobbit will carry the name of the parents and follow them, two days later the baby turns into a hobbit (how quickly they grow), and he becomes free, and usually leaves the burrow.

A small hobbit will follow a player with a reputation no lower than +150 and will run away from any evil.

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