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Final Thoughts

The event was amazing, the people were great and of course, the products speak for themselves really. HyperX is really focusing on the PC Gaming community and it shows. They have a great range of products available to gamers and they are also working closely with the community, including professional gamers to help make sure they have a good grasp on what gamers want and need.

The event had a nice turnout on the Thursday I was there and the Project Cars competition went over great. All of the Hyper X staff was friendly, informative and just generally seemed like nice people who just wanted to chat about some great products. Hopefully, this will not be the last we see of these types of events, especially from HyperX. A lot of companies could take note from this and while it may be a lot of work, I would certainly imagine it was well worth it for the HyperX folks as there is nothing like giving back to the community and actually getting out there and interacting with them.

I would like to thank Zaboura, HyperX and Overclockers UK for having me out, showing me around and keeping us here at Play3r up to date on everything. Like I said, hopefully the event did well and there will be another one in the future and maybe there will be some new HyperX products out by then. I mean, who knows right? Anything is possible!


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