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Yesterday we announced the newest NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti, today we have some more good news for you. We will be soon enjoying some price cuts to the GTX 1080 and 1070; the second update is in the form of faster GDDR5x VRAM will be used in new GTX 1080 and 1060 GPUs.

After being taken off its top spot as the flagship as the head of the GeForce lineup yesterday by the almighty GTX 1080ti, NVIDIA has announced some updates to the current GTX 1080. The first major update coming to the GTX 1080 is a price drop of a whopping $100 price cut with a new RRP of $499.

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The second major update to the GTX 1080 comes in the form of a new memory system based around the latest 11GB/s GDDR5x memory chips. This new memory system will offer approximately a 10% increase in total memory bandwidth than the original reference designed GTX 1080.

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The fantastic GTX 1070 card has also been given a price cut with a new RRP of $349 making this perfect 1440p gaming GPU even better value for money for the gamer looking to play the newest AAA and VR games with smooth frame rates at high settings.

Now the GTX 1080 isn’t the only card to be given a memory system update, the old 8GB/s memory system has been overhauled to now offer 9GB/s and again offer a 10% increase in total memory bandwidth over the original GTX 1060 card design. We can also hope to see some price drops in the GTX 1060 cards if we are lucky.

Now although these changes are only minor they will certainly be putting even more pressure on the soon to be released AMD Vega and RX500 cards by offering more performance for even less money than before. NVIDIA have certainly been working very hard to keep at the top of their game and we look forward to comparing these updated cards to their original counterparts.

Let us know your thoughts on these NVIDIA updates below.

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