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NVIDIA’s latest and greatest gaming orientated graphics card, the GTX 1080 ti has finally been announced. This new and phenomenal GPU will be replacing the GTX 1080 as the flagship of the GeForce lineup, it certainly has the specs to take this crown.

Based on the same GP102 core as the Titan X, the GTX 1080 ti has been designed to be the best GPU to play the latest AAA and VR titles at 4K without breaking into a sweat. To accomplish this, the card has been given some quite spectacular specifications; the bottom line of this is that we end up with a card that is actually faster than its close cousin the Titan X.

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While featuring very similar technical specifications to the Titan X where the 1080 ti excels is in its clock speeds, standard boost clock speeds of 1582mhz may not be that earth shattering however what is more impressive are the overclocking capabilities shown by NVIDIA at the launch event. On display, the team was demonstrating a card overclocked to a whopping 2000 MHz, and with this headroom, we are looking forward to seeing some bonkers custom cards produced by the usual manufacturers.

Further improvements have also been made to the reference card design in two other important ways. A new reference cooler design has been produced for the GTX 1080 ti Founders Edition, featuring an improved high air-flow design that offers twice the cooling area of the Titan X cooler while offering reduced temperatures and being quieter, both of which will enable overclockers to squeeze even more performance from the reference card. The other major improvement to card design has been in the power delivery system. The new GTX 1080 ti has been gifted with a 7-phase power system that utilises 12 high-efficiency dualFETs, the aim of this new system is to provide cleaner and more efficient power to the GPU however, it should also allow overclockers more scope for overclocking with power regulation being greatly improved over older cards.

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So how does this Ti release compare to previous generations, we must say it does look to fair very well. With the 780ti and 980 ti we saw improvements of 18% and 25% respectively over their standard cards. Now while these numbers were certainly impressive they were rarely seen as a cause to make standard card owners upgrade. The huge 35% increase in performance the new GTX 1080 ti offers over a standard card though is something that you will definitely notice and if you are a standard card owner looking to upgrade already we would say the GTX 1080 ti is the card to go for.

GTX 1080 ti cards will be available to purchase very soon, being available to purchase in standard and founders editions on March 10 from the many NVIDIA partners. We expect custom card designs to follow suit and with the overclocking scope demonstrated by NVIDIA already, we have high hopes.

So will the GTX 1080 ti be a success for NVIDIA, maybe you already intend on buying one? Let us know below.

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