Kingston 2TB Flash Drive

Yes it is utterly bonkers and most definitely accompanied with a price tag that will make you wince, however the newly launched 2TB Kingston Data Traveler GT flash drive is something that we find very interesting here at Play3r.

With an eye-watering RRP of $2273 it’s safe to say that at present this is a very niche market product, however, there will be a market for it and we are sure the kind of person with a need for such a means of data storage will be able to make the costs worthwhile.

Ok so a mechanical external hard drive with similar storage would set you back only 5% of the cost, but we all know the draw backs of these, with size and durability being just two problems that plague them. The most important thing to take from this release though is that this small zinc alloy flash drive shows just what can be done.

Not much more than 5 years ago we remember seeing 128GB flash drives being released at similar prices. I now personally have one of these sitting on my car keys and the cost of it was most certainly not as high as they once were. Just maybe in another 5 years, I will be replacing my 128GB drive with a 2TB one.

Let us know your thoughts on the Kingston 2TB flash drive below.

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