NVIDIA GTX 1080 Pricing Revealed? - Not What We Were Expecting! 3

A naughty UK retailer by the name of Maplin may have cheekily listed one of the first NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics cards we have seen so far; the pricing is quite a bit off what NVIDIA initially stated when they announced the card.

Maplin has listed an ASUS GTX 1080 Founders Edition card with the stock NVIDIA cooler for £619.99 which is a far cry from what was initially said. It was rumoured to be cheaper than the current GTX 980Ti on launch, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.


With many users currently flogged their GTX 980/GTX 980Ti’s left right and centre across the board, it may have been a regrettable one judging by this particular retailers pricing.

Is this disappointing news for consumers or more of what you were expecting? Let us know in the comments below!


Scan have also just put prices on their GTX 1080 listings, much in line with the above price at Maplin announced.

Capture 2


Further price reveals have been discovered. Overclockers.co.uk is the next site to show their hand and announces their range of cards with prices from £619.99 up to £649.99. This is seeming to be the trending price at the moment but we’ll keep you updated.

Screenshot from OcUK

So is this price what you were expecting? Frankly I feel it’s a little high even for NVIDIA, and so I wonder who will be forking out a fair chunk of cash for the latest GPU to hit the market…

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  1. You’d be surprised at how many of us knew that the pricing would be this high for the the founders edition. A lot of people were directly converting $-£ and selling off their 980 TI’s dirt cheap. RIP to all the fools that do not understand how the markets work and have always worked :’)

    • The Founders Edition is not Limited, not binned, not overclocked and will be sold until the end of the life cycle which means until the “11xx” series comes out. These prices are matching the 700 dollar MSRP given since this is without any taxes, shipping costs and other extra costs to get it in the store.

      • So w8 these are gonna be the actual prices??Didn’t nvidia says the prices will start at 600$ or will there be another series besided FE?


        • The 600 dollar msrp are for the board partners like asus, msi etc. Their gpu’s with their cooler designs will starts from 599 dollar msrp and this founders edition (reference) will be available for 699 dollar msrp until eol when the new series comes out

          • I’ll just come out and say it… The price of the non founder edition cards ain’t gonna be much lower… And anyone who’s expecting a sub ~560£(~725€) card is gonna have their heart broken…

          • Yeah I do not expect any cards to be released at the 599 or even 630 dollar mark, maybe a blower style plastic model from ASUS like that white one.

          • Or the Galax one (literally the ugliest card I’ve ever seen)… All I hope is that some manufacturers will release a good blend between price and cooling performance for under 750€… That’s all I hope…

          • I just looked the Galax version up and yes that is exactly what I would expect from the bottom of the price list versions. Simple, Plastic, Blower-Style and nothing special about it.

          • Nothing Special??? have you seen the box art??? It’s literally the ugliest card + box I’ve ever seen…

  2. Fairly typical. When you bring out a high end product (doesn’t matter what) if you want it first, you pay through the nose. Standard practice throughout the capitalism system.
    It’s called ‘skimming the cream’.
    Why act all surprised?

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