Overclockers.co.uk is Updating Their Forum

It’s been running forever and was last updated just as long ago but the time is right for OcUK’s forum to get a bit of a makeover. Currently the forum supports a great many PC enthusiasts providing a portal to get and offer help, support and advice on any number of issues as well as, of course, questions regarding Overclockers.co.uk.

In fact there are over 135,000 registered users of the forum who have posted 1.2 million threads – I wonder how many of those are “Which is better, AMD or Nvidia?”, haha – and OcUK’s research shows that there are more and more people accessing the site from mobile devices, not an easy task I assure you as the current forum is not exactly optimised for phones.


Well, the new forum which launches next week will be mobile friendly but that’s all the information that they have let slip so far, I don’t know at the moment if there will be a whole new design or a fresh coat of paint, we will just have to wait to find out.

Something that you can do in the meantime though if you are a member is to post a new thread or a reply, because as of this afternoon there was a whopping 23,999,653 posts on the forum and it seems only fitting that they should break through the 24 million mark as the new version is launched.






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