ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta Featuring Centralized Management Software CMS Lite

ASUSTOR launches the Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta, an economical professional surveillance solution. This new version features CMS Lite to connect multiple NVR devices, effortlessly creating centralized surveillance management, newly added mounting of recordings combines with MyArchive technology for flexible recording capacity expansion and support for 360 degree fisheye camera image restoration provides complete surveillance without blind spots.

Taipei, Taiwan, November 30th, 2016 – ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced the launch of the Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta, introducing a variety of new professional surveillance functions which include the centralized surveillance software CMS Lite, unlimited storage capacity expansion with MyArchive cold backups, image restoration for fisheye cameras, the ability to shut off and turn on online cameras, more agile search options for finding recording files, and optimized exportation of recording files. Furthermore, the total number of cameras supported for each NAS series has been increased. With Surveillance Center 2.6, ASUSTOR truly redefines the meaning of an economical high quality video surveillance solution. This upgrade is available for all ASUSTOR NAS devices and can be downloaded from the Beta section of App Central.

“ASUSTOR’s centralized surveillance software (CMS Lite) not only expands the scale of surveillance deployment to enterprise levels, but also significantly eases the burden on administrators, satisfying user demand for versatile deployment and flexible expandability,” said James Su, Product Manager at ASUSTOR.

Key Features for the Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta

Centralized Surveillance Software – CMS Lite
A solution designed for systems with multiple servers spread across different locations, CMS Lite allows surveillance professionals to have more flexibility and convenience when monitoring and playing back video. It can centralize management for up to 128 IP cameras and ASUSTOR NVRs in up to 32 different locations, significantly enhancing management efficiency.

MyArchive cold backup solution with unlimited capacity expansion
ASUSTOR NAS’s exclusive MyArchive cold backup storage technology is now available for use with Surveillance Center. Users can schedule backups of recording files to MyArchive hard disks, freeing up storage space for online recordings. When you need to play back recordings, you can mount recordings from MyArchive hard disks to Surveillance Center and then quickly search and play back the recordings you need.

Supports 360 degree fisheye camera image restoration
Fisheye cameras have a wide angle view and can focus on areas such as offices, ATMs, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, and factories, providing greater coverage than most common cameras. Surveillance Center’s image restoration function allows users to select a specified area, 180 degree panoramic view, or double 180 degree panoramic view restoration of a fisheye camera’s live video feed. This gives users the comprehensive surveillance without blind spots without having to use a multitude of cameras. Currently, Acti, Dahua and VIVOTEK brand fisheye cameras are supported.

Flexibly shut off and turn on online cameras
Using network streaming protocol to view surveillance feeds may consume too much bandwidth at times. For users who wish to temporarily power off specific cameras, this function can be used. All camera settings will be maintained when the camera is shut off, allowing users to turn on the camera at any time with all settings and configurations intact.

More Agile Searches of Recording Files
In addition to being able to increase the playback speed of recording files, this version of Surveillance Center features newly added 30 second fast-forward and 10 second rewind playback functions allowing users to conveniently find the recording files they need.

Optimized Exportation of Recording Files
The new function allowing recordings to be exported to local folders on the NAS significantly enhances the speed of the exporting process.

Increased number for supported cameras for individual machines
After upgrading to this version, users will be able to increase the total number of supported camera channels for their devices. 70 series devices now support a maximum of 64 channels, 61/62 series devices 36 channels, 50/51 series devices 30 channels and 31/32 series devices 25 channels. Due to hardware limitations 10/2/3 series devices are still only able to support up to 8 channels.

About the Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta:
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