Brookhaven Experiment VR Game Review 1

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Developer: Phosphor Games
Game: Brookhaven Experiment
Price: £14.99 on Steam

In the first few millions of a second after the big bang everything that makes up the universe didn’t exist as we know it but as a super-dense group of exotic particles. Scientists have been trying to work out how and what happened, discovering ever smaller and harder to detect particles. The Brookhaven Experiment (Muon g-2) was designed to study rotation and wobble of Muons in a magnetic field by using a high powered beam at almost the speed of light.


But here’s where the game diverges from reality, instead of waiting years for results, what if something came through? What if it wasn’t friendly? That’s where the Brookhaven Experiment comes in with its story of nightmare creatures from another dimension. It’s time to grab a headset and defend the earth from these forces.

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