Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch on its Way

I haven’t gotten around to playing Dragon Age: Inquisition as of yet. I’m currently working my way around the mountains in Far Cry 4, but this game is definitely on my play list. As an added treat of waiting it seems we’ll all be getting a huge game update.

The added bonus of this update is that BioWare wants its loyal fans to test it when it is released. The update isn’t about glitches or bug fixing either, it is actually bringing in new content. If you head over to BioWares website and click on the blogs, you’ll see that the update is going to be opened to a small group of PC players. If you keep your eyes open you may even be able to apply for an exclusive spot on the testing team.

One of the biggest part of the update is the addition of the Black Emporium, sounds epic doesn’t it. It is actually an underground shop ran by a mysterious figure called “Immortal proprietor.” The shop will offer powerful artefacts, tools, epic weapons, new accessories, and even some new crafting materials for schematics. The shop will also house a magic mirror where you can change the appearance of your Inquisitor whenever you see fit.

They are also adding party storage so you can keep all your teams inventory in one place, and be able to change the colour of your armour whenever you want. That last one sounds pretty cool and you know I’m owning the epic pink!

How are you finding the game so far? Have you completed it and if so did you find the campaign worth it? Let us know in the comments below.



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