The Order: 1886 Brings a Short Campaign

Over the weekend there has been some concern about the length of The Order: 1886 campaign. A video uploaded to YouTube by channel “PlayMe Through” totalled the entire campaign, including cut scene, at five hours and thirty minutes.

This is one of the shortest campaigns to memory, and the gaming community doesn’t seem overly happy with the effort. For Ready at Dawn, who develop the upcoming title, it isn’t about the length of the game but the impact the game will make. An interview between Ru Weerasuriya, the CEO of Ready at Dawn, and a member of Euro Gamer recently shed some light onto the situation.

Ru has stated that the numbers being passed around the internet at the moment are false. In fact he states that the game is impossible to complete in that time frame. I can hear gamers around the world collectively saying in the words of Barney Stinson, from How I Met Your Mother, “Challenge Accepted.”

What is clear is that either way the campaign won’t be long. For me that isn’t a problem, the problem tends to be bang for buck. The game doesn’t have to deliver a long and drawn out campaign but what it needs to do is deliver on price. I’m not going to pay £50 for a game that is complete in just over five hours, and I know that feeling is felt by many gamers out there.

The game itself looks beautiful, and the gameplay will probably match an epic story. It is easily one of the most hyped titles over the last twelve months. Will it be a success? In all honesty it probably will be. But look at titles that offer a long campaign and come through with outstanding results. Games like The Last of Us, Mass Effect, and The Witcher. These games offer quality for the price and in some cases you get more product than first thought.

What matters to you when it comes to gaming? Is it the price, or is it the quality of the product. It’s probably a combination, but for one of the biggest hyped games of the year would you pay over £50 for that short of campaign?

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