HexGear R-40 IDORU by B-Negative 3

B-negative has to be one of my all time favorite modders, I loved Close impact. And was really excited to see him get a Hex-Gear case. He’s not started much yet so it’s a great time to jump onto the build log, say those faithful words “SUBSCRIBED!!!!” and enjoy the ride. He really does take you into huge amounts of detail in the build logs and puts loads of detail into it. Plus I love his photography!


In the introduction he hints to the theme to this build nick named Idoru:
“The theme? As a longtime William Gibson fan,I took cues from his near future ‘world’ and adapted the ‘look’ for myself. Copper…polished,mirror black and forced copper patination. Patina’d copper tube work. Normal I blow out and tell you what Im going to do with it but not this time,you will have to wait and see but I promise you this..its going to be pretty awesome!”


So what are you guys waiting for? Run over to bit-tech and sub! These awesome pictures so far are all from B-negative: http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=280422

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