Play3r Overclocking Team Bench Meet Preparations Part 1 5

As you are probably aware, we at Play3r have an overclocking team on in which we compete against other teams in the UK and across the world; currently we are 5th in the UK and we hope to push to the number 1 spot in the future!  Doing that, however, is no easy task and takes year and years of hard work and recruitment.  The Play3r Overclocking team is open for ANYONE to join! – Click here to join

OC prep 1

That being said, we have a Play3r “meet” coming up next month in March, which aside from fun, benchmarking and LN2 (liquid Nitrogen), we will be live streaming the event over the weekend (20th-22nd March 2015).  For those interested in watching us test hardware to their maximum potential, it should not be missed!

OC prep 4

Over the past month, we have gained a sponsor for the team in the shape of Cooler Master UK; they have donated us some epic power supplies, test benches and a cooler to aid in our conquests to reach great heights!

OC prep 2

So what do I mean by preparation?  Well one of the key parts of sub-zero overclocking is finding the right hardware; motherboards are fairly easy to find, but CPU’s however are either great or they suck!  The art of BINNING isn’t about throwing chips in the bin, but testing them on air/water prior to putting them on the cold; you don’t want to waste LN2 on chips with absolutely no potential.  In the interest of socket 775 CPU’s, one of the most important factors is of course the FSB *front side bus*.  This allows the CPU to be able to be pushed faster as opposed to just changing the multiplier.  One thing about increasing the FSB is the memory in use too; this has to be able to support the increase in speed also.  For this purpose, I have in my midst the ASUS X48 Rampage Formula (DDR2) and X48 Rampage Extreme (DDR3).  Overclocking/insulation guides are coming soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2!

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