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  • Manufacturer: Raidmax
  • Model: Viper GX II
  • Price: €64.99

RAIDMAX may not be the most well-known company in the PC hardware industry, but they have sure been around for a long time. Founded in 1988, RAIDMAX has always been dedicated to creating innovative products that perform to the highest of standards. In 2003 RAIDMAX was the first to add an alien eye shape to the front of one of its cases, this instantly became a hit and has paved the way for a many of cases, even to this day. RAIDMAX prides themselves on being one of the best budget PC case manufacturers around and only plans to continue to support the PC Gaming community with great cases that won’t break the bank.

Today I am looking at the Viper GX II which is an updated model of the VIPER GX I previously reviewed. One first look the most noticeable difference is the colour scheme, the updated model has gone with orange accenting whereas the original had green. Aside from the minor colour change, the cases look to be very similar and if that is true, all will be well.

The Viper GX II features a small honeycomb window on the main side panel to allow users a look at the components on the inside. The front of the case features a door like panel that once opened reveals the 5.25″ drive bays so users will still be able to install their favourite optical drives in the case with no problems. The rest of the case looks quite solid and sturdy for what may be considered a budget PC Gaming case.

Before we get into all the fun, let’s have a look at a quick overview video I have done on the RAIDMAX Viper GX II:


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