Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original 8GB 2133MHz DDR3 Memory Review 20

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Brand: Avexir
Model: Blitz 1.1 Original 8GB (2x4GB) 2133MHz CL9 – AVD3U21330904G-2BZ1
Price: £73.99 @ Overclockers UK (At time of review)

Avexir might not be a name as well known globally as the likes of Corsair, Crucial or Kingston, but Avexir have bragging rights which you probably didn’t know; at the time, they had developed the world’s fastest DDR3 memory with speeds of 2000MHz. Now granted that was in 2007, you have to give credit to the company as they only formed the year before; in 2006. Now moving on from the nostalgia of the wonder years, Avexir have expanded since into custom memory lines for other companies motherboards such as the MSI Gaming series, the ASUS Sabranco Z97 motherboard among many others; a taste of things to come?

As bespoke as that sounds, of course, memory can’t just be based on looks and has to have an element of performance to match any kind of aesthetical triumph; enter the Blitz 1.1 Original. With modules available in up to speeds of 3200MHz (yes that is correct), it is no wonder Avexir are considered a brand worth purchasing.

Today however, I won’t be taking a look at anything near speeds of 3200MHz (I wish) but what I do have will cater to the masses needs with the Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original 8GB (2x4GB) 2133MHz CL9 1.65v memory kit. With its unique red and black design, without forgetting the white LED bars equipped to the top of the heat sinks, is this the perfect blend of performance and aesthetic? Let’s find out but first, the technical specifications…


CL(IDD) 9 cycles
Row Cycle Time (tRCmin) 54ns (min.)
Refresh toActive/Refresh
Command Time (tRFCmin) 281ns
RowActive Time (tRASmin) 27ns (min.)
Power 1.800 W (operating per module)
ULRating 94 V – 0
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 85℃
Storage Temperature -55℃ to +100℃


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