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So the Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original 8GB 2133MHz CL9 kit has been tested, pushed, berated but does it perform as good as it looks? There is no doubt that this particular kit of memory would go well with the majority of Z87/Z97 motherboards on the market such as the ASUS ROG range, MSI Gaming series and even the latest entrants from ASRock and Gigabyte; the question is, does the performance provided justify them as a top purchase? Is it looks over performance or is there a middle ground to be hard here?

Well starting off with the design, Avexir have a very sweet looking kit of DDR3 memory here; it would be foolish to ignore the fairly sleek but slightly aggressive styling and I am a huge fan. It would also be worth noting that this particular style/design might not be to everyone’s tastes and the randomly pulsing white LEDs across the top will be marmite; you will love it or hate it. That being said, the Blitz 1.1 is a nice piece of kit and although the heat sinks are only 30mm tall, I would still check beforehand to make sure your cooler will allow these to fit unobstructed.

For those sub-zero overclockers among us, Avexir have used an 8 layer PCB which is designed to diminish the dreaded LN2 cold boot bug (CB or CBB). A nice 6 piece heat spreader design is also removable, more so than some other kits making this a good choice for extreme benchmarkers who want to partake in a little cold action.

In terms of performance, the Avexir Original Blitz 1.1 2133MHz kit doesn’t really stand out as a “top performer” but it is where I would expect it to sit; around the same level as other 2133MHz rated kits so although performance isn’t bad, it isn’t anything worth shouting from the rooftops about either. Overclocking was awesome in terms of percentages with a maximum overclock from stock giving around a 37.5% increase in clock speeds. This however didn’t translate into anywhere near that in terms of performance and this is typical behaviour for Hynix MFR chips so I will stick my neck out on the line and say these are in fact MFR ICs. That is not to discourage you from buying these of course as performance is still decent, just nowhere near what would be expected from such a hefty overclock.

This kit costs £73.99 from Overclockers UK and although it looks like a good price, there is a lot of competition at this price point from literally every other brand on the market. That being said, what other companies don’t give you is the unique red and black Blitz 1.1 heat sinks or do they give you white strobe LEDs which add a new dimension to DDR3 memory; well not entirely new but Avexir are the masters of this art and that seems like something that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Overall the Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original offers some of the most unique heat sinks on DDR3 memory you are likely to find anywhere and I am a pretty big fan of the design overall; as I have mentioned, the red and black theme is likely to fit the majority of colour themed builds out there today. That being said, performance was a little lacklustre but not necessarily bad, just a bit bad for the price point it currently sits at. There are faster kits available at a cheaper price but the moral here is, if you aren’t too bothered about very negligible performance and love the design of the heat sinks, then I would recommend these to everyone as Avexir actually include a lifetime guarantee; so you can have this kit for life!; or until they never make them again of course.

Based on the results here and my opinions, I would like to award Avexir our Silver award due to the unique but stylish heat sinks with average performance; all-round a decent kit of RAM for those looking for a bespoke kit to call their own.

Huge thanks to Avexir for sending the Blitz 1.1 Original 8GB 2133MHz DDR3 memory kit in for review.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Unique heat sink design
– Great overclocking potential for those who love high numbers
– Fits in with literally any red and black themed system build
– Performance is adequate but not the greatest


– Quite pricey for an 8GB 2133MHz kit
– The “unique” heat sink design may not be to everyone’s taste
– White LEDs cannot be turned off
– Overclocking performance has literally no effect on performance other than copy speeds or latency

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