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The summer games lull has officially ended. August was a big month with the release of No Man’s Sky and Deus Ex: Mankind divided. Outside of the hype, Master of Orion and Titan Quest appeared in their remastered and finished form. I’ve spent more time playing remasters this month than completely new games, the pull is incredibly strong for me. So, nostalgia vs hype, which is top of the charts?

No Man’s Sky – Purchase on SteamNo Mans Sky Logo
The game that continues to divide players over whether it’s brilliant or broken. It’s got an entire galaxy to explore, with a small number of animals, plants and bases. It’s not changed much even after the large number of patches it’s received. – Read our review

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition – Purchase on SteamTitan Quest anniversary
You were expecting Deus Ex? ARPG Titan Quests remaster jumped straight into the second spot due to giving previous owners a free copy. What at first seems like a Diablo 2 clone, quickly distances itself as a decent game in it’s own right.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Purchase on Steamdeus-ex-mankind-divided-header
Arm swords, stealth, guns and conspiracy theories couldn’t save Adam Jensen from third place this month. A well polished sequel to Human Revolution that doesn’t stray far from the path already laid.

Kingdom: New Lands – Purchase on Steamkingdom new lands
Kingdom started off life as an IGF entrant before getting a release on steam last October. This is another remaster, which like Titan Quest above gave away copies to owners of the original. It’s a combination of tower defence, roguelike and exploration game in 2D.

Lost Castle – Purchase on SteamLost-Castle-Title-Screen
A competent castle crashers inspired co-op, Beat-em-up, ARPG. Lost Castle represents the first greenlight and early access in the charts this month.

Master of Orion – Purchase on SteamMaster of Orion Header
Updating and reimagining the 1993 and 1996 classics with modern graphics and audio. Unfortunately a bad design decision mean that there’s real-time mixed in with one of the oldest turn-based 4x. – Read our review

Reigns – Purchase on Steamreigns-tumblr-logo
Some sort of mobile game port that hasn’t even updated the store descriptions to change the word swipe, unless you have a touchscreen monitor.

Master of Orion 3 – Purchase on Steammaster of orion 3
Why would you buy this? Let’s pretend it doesn’t exist, like Matrix sequels.

Half dead – Purchase on SteamHalf dead
A former early access game that used the Cube films as inspiration. Try and get through a series of rooms while avoiding deadly traps. Like the cube films this indie effort is a little rough around the edges, but well worth your time.

This is the Police – Purchase on SteamThis is the police
A strategy adventure game where you play as a Police Chief trying to balance the books and crime stats, while making deals with corrupt officials and organised crime.

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