Ian “8 Pack” Parry Regains His No. 1 World Wide Ranking 1

Ian Parry, also known by many in the overclocking world by his alias of “8 Pack” has recently executed his revenge move against Daniel Schier, “Dancorp,” who took his number one spot from him a few months ago. Doing something like this cannot and is not done overnight. It takes a lot of planning, pre-testing and skill. A massive amount of cash, solder and time goes into such a plot; and even then there’s still a certain element of luck involved as well.

The overclocking weekend which was recently held in Cambridge, England, is where we witnessed some of the world’s best overclockers come together and pump out some insane scores. Ian and Roman (der8auer) were working on a single, double, triple and quad TITAN X system with one of the (seemingly) cherry picked Intel Core i7-5960X chips, and pushing some crazy voltages through the fully fletched GM200 with its 3072 CUDA cores. Two 2kW power supplies were barely enough as the cards pulled in excess of 500A each; and no… that is not a mistype. A couple of external power sources for the GPUs sacrificed their lives in order to make this happen. For those of you who saw or heard, Roman had a wonderful way of voicing his thoughts on the 500A limit of the EVGA EPower boards.

8 Pack & der8auer - 4x TITAN XRoman on the left, Ian on the right.

A combination of fifteen world records and global first place results were obtained during the three place weekend by the skilled duo. That’s nothing short of awesome; wouldn’t you agree? What was also surprising is the fact that the entire system, except for the PSUs, was completely covered in ice. The image you can see above is not a “demonstration” as such; it was actually running like this. Ice is non-conductive, for those of you who may be wondering, which is why the system can maintain operation, even if it looks like it has been dug out of a freezer in the Arctic. It should however be noted that it is not recommended to run your system without proper insulation.

If you are curious what Ian and Roman achieved, you can check out their recent submissions by clicking on their names. Of course, we would list the entirety of their submissions, but that is a list better preserved for your own enjoyment in the links above. Instead, here are a few of the top results from the seemingly unstoppable duo.

3DMark Fire Strike – 43380 marks 
Catzilla 720P – 68895 marks
CINEBENCH R11.5 – 14.34 pts
3DMark Fire Strike Extreme – 32894 marks

It is anyone’s guess as to how long Ian may be able to hold his number one ranking, but we do know that there will always be a tussle for first place. For now, congratulations to both Ian and Roman on their fantastic results from the NVIDIA GTX TITAN X and a super tuned Intel Core i7-5960X. We may even see Roman rise from his current fourth place into the top three global spots in the not too distant future.

Top works, lads. Keep pushing!

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