QPAD 8K Gaming Mouse Review 19

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  • Manufacturer: QPAD 
  • Model: 8K 
  • Price: £69.00 (At the time of review)

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the QPAD 8K Gaming mouse, QPAD’s latest venture into the gaming mice market. Featuring an 8.2k CPI sensor will it miss a beat when you need it the most? The QPAD 8K Gaming mouse features has an impressive range of features that are backed up by the incredible sensor QPAD have loaded into the 8K:

  • Right handed, Ergonomic, five-finger grip.
  • Advanced Laser sensor for optimized tracking performance.
  • High-quality Omron main switches with a distinct mechanical feedback (Lifetime: 20 Million)
  • Advanced 32bit ARM M3 72Mhz processor controller unit to optimize the tracking performance
  • Highly intuitive software
  • Seven programmable buttons
  • 16.8 million possible color variations via RGB LED lights


More about QPAD:  QPAD are one such brand, established in 1992 and hailing from Sweden, their founder Christer Kornback was a respected member of the Swedish gaming scene.  He created the first premium piece of eSport equipment designed with only gamers in mind, a larger than normal mouse pad.

Fast forward 2 decades and QPAD have a large range of peripherals ranging from gaming mice, mechanical keyboards all the way to headsets.  Having won many awards for their products over the years, they continue to grow and produce some of the best quality pc gaming gear on the market.

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