Play3r OC Livestream Preparation - Sponsored By Cooler Master UK 3

So yeah, the title pretty much sums it up right?  If not, we are holding a Play3r themed overclocking live stream for the weekend of 20th-22nd March.  During this time, we will be benching various types of hardware with a substance called Liquid Nitrogen; LN2 for short.

So what is LN2?  Well, LN2 is nitrogen in a liquified state which is at an extremely low temperature; hence the expression, extreme overclocking.  It is classed as a cryogenic fluid which causes near instant freezing of living tissue such as skin so it is vital that great care is taken when handling such a dangerous substance.  So how cold is LN2?  Well, the short and simple answer is, -196c give or take 1/10th of a degree.  This is extremely cold, but it is needed for extreme overclocking for a couple of reasons.  The first is, of course, the removal of heat; overclocking generates heat and removing this allows the silicone to run more efficiently thus allowing it to reach a higher potential.  Secondly, it is just freaking brilliant to use; knowing that you are using such an extreme method to cool something gives me a bit of a buzz; call me a nerd but I love it.

100l of LN2 ready to go to war

In attendance will be myself (Gav) who is currently ranked 35th in the UK being assisted by Lewis (Obscureparadox) who is 4th in the UK; a massive achievement!  In addition to us both, Dave and Jamie will be on hand to make sure neither of us ends up dead and to assist in the stream/take high-quality video and images for the event.

With that being said, preparations are well under-way, currently at the time of writing this, there is only 2-3 days to go until we start unleashing a cold fury that only the best PC components will be worthy of; this includes an i7 5820k, i7 5960x, i7 4770k etc.  As you can see, we have plenty of room (when everything is ready) and the main components we need are already here and awaiting to get things a little frosty; 100l of LN2 across 2 x 50l Dewar’s.

The event and our entire overclocking team is sponsored by Cooler Master UK who kindly donated us 3 x test benches and 4 x V1200 1200w platinum rated power supplies; got to have the best when you need the best.  In addition to this, ASRock also sponsored us a Z97 OC Formula which in my opinion, is the best socket LGA 1150 motherboard going due to its fantastic and useful conformal coating; extra insulation protection when using sub-zero cooling methods.

X48 ASUS Rampage Extreme, Z97 ASRock OC Formula and one of the test benches from Cooler Master UK

The event itself will be live streamed across YouTube and with the link being broadcast via article/embedding onto the site and across all forms of our social media.

Full list of hardware to be benched to be confirmed:

Intel Core i7 5960x (LGA 2011-3)

Intel Core i7 5820k (LGA 2011-3)

Intel Core i7 4770k (LGA 1150)

Intel Q6600 x 2 (LGA 775)

Intel E2140 x 6 (LGA 775)

ASUS R9 290x (GPU)

MSI GTX 580 Lightning (GPU)


And plenty more to come!


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