3DMark v2.1.2973 Update & Important Note About Fire Strike Custom Runs!
3DMark has had an update that addresses some compatibility problems and other issues that have been reported by some of the users. If any of you guys out there are having any problems with 3DMark at the minute this may be the update to cure those problems!
3DMark Windows v2.1.2973 
This is a minor update to fix problems reported by some users. Benchmark scores are not affected with one exception – see the section about Fire Strike Custom runs below for details.
  • SystemInfo module updated to 4.48 for improved compatibility with the latest hardware.
  • The video RAM check that warns if your system may not be able to run a test now accepts extra main RAM beyond the minimum requirement as VRAM for integrated graphics.
  • They added a DETAILS button to the panel for the Recommended test on the Benchmarks screen to make it easier to find more information and the settings for the test. This is also where you find the option to enable or disable the demo for each test.
Fixed Fire Strike Custom run settings
Unfortunately, the previous version of 3DMark used an incorrect setting for Fire Strike Custom runs that resulted in slightly lower than expected scores. Fire Strike Custom run results from 3DMark v2.1.2852 should not be compared with the latest version nor with any other version of 3DMark. The standard Fire Strike benchmark run was not affected, nor were Fire Strike Extreme and Fire Strike Ultra.
  • Restored the control for volumetric illumination sample count setting on the Fire Strike Custom run screen, which was missing in the previous version.
  • Fixed the default value for volumetric illumination sample count for Fire Strike Custom runs. In 3DMark v2.1.2852, Fire Strike Custom run used an incorrect default setting of 1.5. This has been reverted to 1.0, which is the correct value for the test.
Other fixes
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the in-app update from working properly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Sky Diver from starting on 32-bit Windows.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Time Spy to crash when scaling mode was set to Stretched.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause result parsing to fail on complex systems with lots of devices due to the unusually large data set generated by the SystemInfo scan.
  • Fixed an issue that caused installation to fail if the unzipped installer content resided in a path that included a folder name with a space.
Known Issues 
  • Time Spy fails to run on multi-GPU systems with Windows 10 build 10240, but this is not the fault of the benchmark. You must upgrade Windows 10 to build 10586 (“November Update”) or later to enable multi-GPU configurations to work.
  • Installing the 3DMark app and the DLC test data to the same folder is not a supported configuration. The latest version will prevent you from installing both to the same folder. If you currently have 3DMark and the DLC test data installed to the same custom folder you will need to uninstall 3DMark then reinstall the latest version using the full installer.
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