Run An Empire Gaming App Challenges You to Claim Your Territory! 2

Crowd funded on Kickstarter in 2014 with nearly 2,000 backers, the location-based running game, Run An Empire, launches in the UK App Store from 17.08.16 exclusively on iOS. The multiplayer, augmented-reality game challenges users to go head-to-head against other runners in the real world as they race to capture, claim and build their own digital kingdom.

The app encourages users to go outside and engage in a physical activity, by competing with friends and neighbours to conquer the most land in their local area. The app tracks players’ movement using GPS and the phone’s accelerometer.


The game overlays a grid of hexagonal tiles on a real world map – with players competing to capture the most “hexes”. A hex is owned by whoever runs through or around it the most. All players are on the same map, meaning there is always a reason to go out and challenge a rival. Player milestones and achievements are celebrated with rewards – new creatures and insignia can be unlocked, allowing players to construct their own personalised coat of arms. These coat of arms fly above each player’s empire, representing their status within the game.

Created by London-based tech design duo, Ben Barker and Sam Hill, the app was designed to make running more fun for athletes and amateurs alike – it’s not about how fast you run, but how determined you are to keep going.

Run An Empire Co-founder, Ben Barker commented: “Ever since Sam and I started thinking about Run An Empire, we’ve been aiming to develop a game that’s accessible and fun, and requires the same tactical planning as the digital and tabletop games we already enjoy – but rooted in the real world where physical actions make a difference. The game’s features have evolved considerably since the concept stage, but the main objective remains the same: use your run strategically to capture as much territory as you can.”

The studio will be expanding in the coming months – with plans to add new features, launch globally and create a version for Android.

Download the app from 17th August here:

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