Berlin, 27.02.2017
With the arrival of GlobalData, the go-to shop for gamers and hardware enthusiasts in Portugal, Caseking is pleased to welcome a new member to the Caseking Group. Together and with an expanding team, we are looking forward to an exciting and innovative future. This expansion in the European market represents yet another significant boost to the growth strategy of the Caseking Group, and lays the foundations for an ongoing expansion of the product portfolio. Welcome to the club, GlobalData! GlobalData was founded in the year 2000 and has since undergone a remarkable and impressive period of growth. Today, GlobalData is one of the most important contact points in the Portuguese market with two sites including shops in the metropolis Porto as well as the capital Lisbon. The 23 people strong team offers a winning combination of expertise, an extensive product range, and excellent customer service. For these reasons, GlobalData is a perfect fit for the already well-established Caseking Group. 

As a hardware supplier, GlobalData operates across the entire supply chain and maintains close partnerships with product manufacturers themselves. This privileged position enables the company to pass on valuable customer feedback and foster customer loyalty, while advancing target-oriented development and new product designs.


As a thoroughly European organisation, it’s the Caseking Group’s goal to effectively utilise arising and existing synergies to expand the product portfolios of the individual businesses in the group, while simultaneously working to strengthen their respective market positions.


“The incorporation of GlobalData into the Caseking Group represents an investment in a forward-looking and well-coordinated business, one which has demonstrated a high degree of market prominence and potential for growth. Caseking is looking forward to cooperating with GlobalData’s workforce in the hardware retail trade and taking the brand to the next level.”
– Toni Sonn, CEO Caseking Group


Caseking is a leading European distributor of exclusive top brands and a renowned online-retailer for unique and extravagant computer hardware and accessories, founded in 2003 and continuously growing. Headquartered in Berlin, Caseking’s base of operation is a vast modern logistics centre of 10.000m² storage area in the Charlottenburg district. As the name Caseking suggests, a plethora of the eponymous PC enclosures in varying forms and fashions play a central role in Caseking’s product range, which is supplemented by a large array of modding items for individualisation purposes, pre-overclocked systems, powerful watercooling components, a wide range of general cutting-edge computer hardware along with top-grade gaming peripherals and accessories.


The Caseking Group consists of along with its subsidiaries (UK), (Hungary) and (Portugal) and maintains contact offices in France, The Netherlands and Taiwan.

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