The Lian Li Strimer Plus RGB power cable clains to be the one and only RGB product you need

RGB power cables. Some of us love them, some of us like to pretend they don’t exist. Either way, they’re part of the RGB industry. If you’ve ever hoped to cram the entire Blackpool Illuminations into a single PC case, you are now one step closer. Lian Li’s Strimer Plus RGB power cables are out now, providing 24-pin motherboard and 8-pin GPU power with even more rainbows.

These aren’t the first RGB power cables on the market, but they certainly take the idea to the next level. The previous Lian Li Strimer cables used lights at one end and shone up passive optical fibres. The Strimer Plus cables take ordinary extension cables and clamp layers of silicone and hundreds of LEDs around them. Lian Li call the result “a clean and striking finish to your system”.

In terms of technical specifications, Lian Li’s Strimer Plus cables use the usual 18AWG wire. The AWG or American Wire Gauge system uses lower numbers for thicker cable, so 18AWG means a reasonably thick cable and is better than the cheap cables you might see using 20AWG or even 22AWG. Even thicker 16AWG extension cables are available, but 16AWG is quite stiff and generally overkill. The 24-pin motherboard cable is 200mm long, and the dual 8-pin GPU power cable is 300mm. They are quite thick, up to 43mm for the 24-pin, so make sure your case is roomy enough.

The RGB is 5V addressable RGB, with a total of 108 LEDs for the dual 8-pin and 120 for the 24-pin. Lian Li include a controller for the 24-pin with 18 prebaked effects, which also supports a dual 8-pin. Alternatively you can hook up to a 5V aRGB header on your motherboard.

As always, you can read more on Lian Li’s website.

Lian Li Strimer Plus RGB Power Cables Availability

The Lian Li Strimer Plus RGB power cables are available now from Overclockers in the UK, and from Newegg in the US.

VIAOverclockers UK
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