SilentiumPC have launched their Astrum AT6V series of cases, bringing a celestial aesthetic to their Natissis platform. Brace yourself for an astronomical amount of puns.

SilentiumPC were established in 2007 with the goal of providing high-quality silent PC cases, power supplies and cooling solutions that simply get the job done without breaking the bank. Since then the company has grown and in 2018 rolled out a new, modern look, but their continuing mission is cost effectiveness with a small and enthusiastic team.

The Astrum AT6V continues in this spirit by taking the opportunity afforded by SilentiumPC’s flexible Natissis platform, also seen on the Armis AR6 series a couple of weeks ago, to provide plenty of choice without expensive retooling. We’re certainly full of curiosity about this latest look.

The Astrum AT6 series is a new direction for SilentiumPC to be boldly going in. These two being the first models with the Astrum name makes it an original series rather than a next generation. Setting aside the astral look, however, it is pretty much the Regnum RG6V series. Just not as we know it.

Universal Astrum AT6V Series Features

All of the Astrum AT6V series models support a stellar number of fans for the size. There’s space for 2x140mm or 3x120mm in the front, 2x120mm or 2x140mm at the top and 1x120mm at the rear. SilentiumPC have also included mounts for 2x120mm fans on top of the PSU shroud, though they caution this can be tricky to build around and eclipses the lowest PCIe slots. All of these locations support the corresponding sizes for watercooling radiators.

Annotated image showing fan and radiator options on the SilentiumPC Astrum AT6V series

The clearance for GPUs is galactic at 360mm, which should fit any GPU length-wise. The expanse for a PSU is a reasonable 175mm, or 275mm if the 3.5″ drive mounts are removed. In terms of CPU cooler height 162mm is available, which fits SilentiumPC’s own air coolers like the Fortis 3 HE1425. Larger coolers like the Noctua NH-U14S won’t fit, but AIO watercoolers will with a lot of flexibility.

Annotated image showing clearances on the SilentiumPC Astrum AT6V series cases

In terms of storage, the Astrum AT6V series cases offer space for 2×2.5″ drives and either 2×3.5″ or a further 2×2.5″ drives. Though modest, this is typical for cases of this kind. Modern motherboards tend to have at least one NVMe slot as well which would take the overall number of drives to at least 5, but I won’t babble on.

Annotated image showing storage options on the SilentiumPC Astrum AT6V series cases

Wrapping up the common features, all of the Astrum AT6V series cases have a tempered glass side panel, PSU shroud running the length of the case to hide cables, cable management straps and tie points in the generous 28-29mm deep space behind the motherboard tray, and dust filters throughout. Front IO features the usual 3.5mm jacks with two standard USB 3.2 gen1 (5Gbps) Type-A ports, and also a USB 3.2 gen2 (10Gbps) type-C port. Finally there are the usual black rubber grommets for the cable routing holes. Making them black holes, perhaps. Alright, maybe I’m scraping the bottom of the pun barrel now. Anyway, all the important boxes have been checked here.


The Astrum AT6V EVO TG ARGB is the flagship of the series. In addition to the mesh front panel with star-like dots, the tempered glass side panel has edge lit addressable RGB. Four Stella HP ARGB CF 120mm fans come with the case.

On top of this, SilentiumPC’s Aurora Sync EVO PWM ARGB controller is included. Not to be confused with Asus Aura Sync, this provides control for up to six 4-pin PWM or 3-pin DC fans and six addressable RGB devices from a single input for each. The fans and RGB controller here represent a huge value add on paper, and are something to consider carefully against other cases in the price range. SilentiumPC have given us an MSRP of €95 including VAT/taxes.

Picture of the Astrum AT6V EVO TG ARGB

You can read more about the Astrum AT6V EVO TG ARGB on the SilentiumPC website.

The Astrum AT6V TG

The Astrum AT6V TG can be seen as a reduced cost alternative. Gone is the ARGB lighting around the side panel, and while a fan controller is still included it doesn’t have an RGB splitter. Don’t panic though, as a full four fans still come with it, albeit the RGB-free Sigma HP 120mm. SilentiumPC have given us an MSRP of €69 including VAT/taxes, which looks like a nice price given the features.

Picture of the Astrum AT6V TG

You can read more about the Astrum AT6V TG on the SilentiumPC website.


The Astrum AT6V series cases haven’t shown up on english-language etailers just yet at time of writing, but Amazon UK usually carry SilentiumPC’s cases. Here’s a search link that should find you the cases once they’re available.

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