Next-year’s first big FPS, Titanfall, will be “playable” at 4K on a solitary Nvidia GTX Titan.

Now, the 4K resolution and GTX Titan are obviously at the top end of the market, but Respawn Entertainment being able to hit 60FPS is going to be a great boon for both gamers with top-end systems and even those who are on more sensible 1080p based machines.

First reported by DSOG, the guys at DSOG have a Respawn Entertainment dev as saying:

“So recently we’ve got our 4K monitor here in the studio and I’ve had the great pleasure of playing Titanfall in 4K on a Titan GPU and it’s gorgeous. It was unbelievable. It’s a whole new experience.”

Naturally, this garnered a lot of cynicism from circles around the web, however, DKo5 – A Respawn Dev posting on NeoGAF – says that the playable experience in question was 4K, 4xMSAA and FPS in the region of 40-60 and they were still at the optimisation stage of development:

“Yeah guys, I was referring to a single TITAN running the game at 4K. With 4X MSAA and everything cranked I was running around the same map that we showed at E3 at 40-60fps – and we’re still in the optimization phase. Rest of machine was pretty “ho hum”, read: not some crazy liquid nitrogen overclocked beast. Just an i5-4570 with a decent amount of RAM (8GB I think? I forget now).”

As it turns out, perhaps the recent Titanfall video on Nvidia’s media channels wasn’t completely without warrant.

So, preparing for Titanfall in March just got a whole lot more exciting. Will any of you guys be upgrading to a Titan for Titanfall? Let us know!

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