Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 4


Since our last group review on Corsair’s gaming range of headsets (VOID), a new rendition of Corsair’s popular VOID headsets has finally been released and we have one of them in for review. I am of course talking about the Corsair VOID Pro RGB USB gaming headset.

So, what’s the deal with the new VOID Pro RGB USB gaming headset? Well as the name suggests, it features a singular USB connector to connect to your PC or laptop and has quite a range of features to boast about. First, we have Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound support as well as 50mm Neodymium drivers for deep bass and clear (theoretically) audio tones.

Let’s take a quick look at what Corsair themselves have to say about the VOID Pro RGB USB gaming headset before we dive into the crux of the review…

What Corsair has to say about the VOID Pro RGB USB headset:

The CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB USB headset provides exceptional comfort, epic audio performance and legendary CORSAIR durability to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

Breathable microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam provide exceptional comfort while reducing heat buildup and moisture. Legendary CORSAIR build quality ensures long term durability.

All new unidirectional noise cancelling microphone with LED mute indicator reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality. VOID PRO’s microphone and audio drivers have been tested and evaluated for crystal clear communication and outstanding sound.


Corsair VOID PRO RGB SpecificationsCloser Look

In terms of packaging and bundle in relation to the VOID Pro RGB USB headset, there isn’t really much to talk about. The box itself follows the same style as previous Corsair peripherals including their own VOID range (prior to this release I mean) and has a black and yellow contrasting design.

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Box

Inside the box aside from the headset is a warranty guide and a quick start guide…

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Manuals

Here we have the Corsair VOID Pro USB RGB gaming headset in all its glory and personally, I’m a massive fan of white PC components and peripherals… they look simply majestic. The main noticeable differences between the new VOID PRO RGB and the previous iteration is the addition of RGB and Corsair have opted to use different padding inside the ear cups, which in my opinion is actually more comfortable.

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 1

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 3

The new VOID Pro RGB USB features a built-in microphone which is Discord Certified. Although this sounds nothing more than a marketing ploy, it does give an extra level of gratification knowing that this headset is 100% compatible with Discord. The microphone itself includes unidirectional noise cancelling and also has an LED mute indicator.

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 2

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 6

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 7

On the left-hand ear cup, we have a microphone mute button which is positioned pretty handy for easy access. This is especially useful if you live with your parents and one of them comes up shouting at you for whatever reason and a simple click of the button will enable you to avoid much embarrassment from your friends.

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 4

Focusing on the headband, Corsair have included plenty of foam padding and cushioning for maximum comfort and usability. From what I recall however, the only major change on padding has been on the ear cups themselves and I could easily tell when first plopping them on my head.

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 5

Moving back to the left ear cup, Corsair have included a nifty little rocker switch which has a couple of different uses. First of all, when pushed up or down, it acts as a simple, but effective volume up/down controller. The smart thing however is when pushed inwards, you can enable and switch between 1 to 5 different pre-sets via the CUE software suite. On top of this, holding the rocker switch in will allow users to switch between basic stereo sound and Dolby’s 7.1 surround sound. A double beep signifies Dolby 7.1 is active, just for those curious…

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 9

Finally, we have probably one of the most marketable features of the headset itself, the RGB. RGB is a hugely popular feature nowadays (I still don’t get it), but lights and flashy things seem to attract buyers. Corsair have done a great job though all things considered by making it look classy, subtle and not too overpowering. One thing I will go out on a limb and say is, unless you care about what other people think, then having RGB on a headset is purely for other people’s benefit as it’s not like you can see the RGB in action while you’re wearing them, unless you look in the mirror!

Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 10

Corsair CUE Software

Having previously used the Corsair CUE software numerous times over the last year (personally and professionally), I figured it would be a good idea to explain some of the features in relation to RGB lighting and of course, the sound stage element.

Included inside is numerous audio presets to not only get you going and help distinguish which EQ settings are better for certain tasks, but the option to create your own custom preset is also present. The pre-defined presets include Pure Direct, Clear Chat, Bass Boost, Movie Theatre and FPS gaming; plenty to choose from and plenty of useful ones in my humble opinion.

Corsair CUE Software EQ

Focusing directly on the RGB customisation options available, Corsair have included various lighting effects which not only work incredibly well with the Corsair VOID Pro RGB, but syncs up with other supported and compatible RGB Corsair devices. The different lighting presets include static colour which allows use of the custom RGB colour wheel, blink, breathe, beat, rainbow pulse and rainbow; plenty of effects for a very RGB focused product.

Corsair CUE Software RGB

Focusing on the actual software itself, I actually had a more stable and pleasant experience this time round than I have previously personally experienced with Corsair’s CUE software. I’m going to be 100% transparent in saying this, but I haven’t been CUE’s biggest fan, but this iteration works well, performs well and has been nothing but rock steady while operating it. Big kudos there to Corsair for changing my opinion and long let it continue for the benefit of consumers and users alike.

Performance & Conclusion

One massive improvement in my opinion from the previous Corsair VOID range of headsets and the new VOID PRO USB RGB is the sound quality and overall comfort levels. Both of these points are huge for someone looking for a reliable, high performance and highly comfortable gaming headset, especially as games can last hours and the last thing you want while gaming is ear pinching due to lack of padding. Another solid improvement is the stability and reliability of the Corsair CUE software; this was a massive boo-boo for my experience previously while using my older VOID headset and it’s nice to see a smoother and more stable revision released.


Overall performance, especially audio is a particular highlight and I was really impressed with the VOID PRO RGB’s clarity above all else. With 50mm drivers, bass was always going to be decent, but I did feel it was a little flat around the edges, especially in music even with Dolby enabled and disabled; sorry folks, just saying it how it is. Mid-range and high tones were superb and even gave me food for thought in comparison to my Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO headphones… the DT770 unsurprisingly sound better overall, but the real kicker was the bass for me and the clarity of each particular thump, no-one deserves muddy bass tones!


With a slightly tweaked design over the previous VOID PRO headset, as well as throwing RGB on them is a nice addition for most, especially the change in the padding of the ear cups which DOES actually make a world of difference. Comfort isn’t just a paramount factor when looking for a gaming headset, but it’s just as important as sound quality for me as for example, you wouldn’t wear a spike in the head even if it was going to enable better performance, or maybe you would? Not judging, honest…

That being said, I quite like the subtle changes including the dialled down Corsair logo on the head band and the RGB inclusion to the ear cups… why stop there though? Why not put RGB in the microphone, at least then you would be able to see it in operation! I’m sorry, I just think RGB should be left to products you can see while using it…


Value is also another important factor when selecting a product and I’m a little confused here in regards to the pricing of the Corsair VOID Pro RGB USB gaming headset. In documents received from Corsair supporting the review in regards to features etc, it states the MSRP is $79.99 for this particular headset, but when checking listings on Scan, they have it listed for a whopping £94.99… that’s a little bit of a difference, especially when you convert dollar to GBP.

At £80, this headset offers great value for money, but in my honest opinion, £95 is too much especially considering the quality of the headsets it’s in competition against. I’m a little confused as to the pricing, but I’m sure we will be notified/contacted within the next couple of days to clarify the issue. Aside from all the above though, the VOID PRO RGB USB headset at its MSRP is good value for money and if you can find a set of these for around £80, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

Final Thoughts

Is the Corsair VOID PRO USB a good quality and decent performing headset? Of course it is and those looking for a new RGB enabled gaming headset, they don’t come much better overall than this one. Of course, all of this is relative to the pricing and at £95 in the UK, it’s a hard pill to swallow when MSRP is supposed to be $80. There is a lot of competition in good quality headsets at this price point, but I really appreciate Corsair have upped their game in terms of software performance, audio quality and most importantly of all, comfort!

Big thanks to Corsair for sending a sample of the VOID Pro USB RGB in for review.

Play3r Recommended Award

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Decent overall audio performance
– Rocker switch has multiple functional uses
– Ear cups are comfier than previous Corsair VOID versions
– RGB is there if you so wish it
– Corsair CUE software has made great improvements since last time I used it


– Current UK pricing is a little… ridiculous
– Bass can get a little muddy depending on your preferred choice of music

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