Goodmans Canvas Portable Radio Review 9

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  • Manufacturer: Goodmans
  • Model: Canvas (Copper) 
  • Price: £30.39 (At the time of review)

Today we take a closer look at the Goodmans Canvas digital DAB and FM portable radio, Goodmans has been increasings its range of audio products with a focus on “Design and innovation”.  However reading their mission statement Goodmans want to make sure products are stylish, with all the features they need without the bloat, making products that are affordable. It’s quite an objective to work towards, something I actually have to give Goodmans credit for. Sometimes I review a product and the additional features sometimes aren’t that great yet add a huge premium to the retail price. So it will be interesting how the Goodmans Canvas stacks up against other Digital Dab radios, and the general audio quality of a £30 speaker.

Check out our video review if you prefer watching to reading.

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