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Let’s wrap things up with a conclusion.

When it comes to design I think the LAVI Ds are an attractive set of headphones thanks to the minimalist design and are about as smart as you can hope for when it comes to headphones you would actually wear outside the house. The relatively generous padding on the earcups and headband make the LAVI Ds relatively comfy pair of headphones but I have to say I wouldn’t consider them truly ‘over ear’, they would definitely but much more comfortable with large ear cups pads. Overall though they are solid from a design point of view, with nice clean looks backed up by construction that tows the line between lightweight and flimsy very well with them just about feeling solid enough but also being very portable.

Performance wise I wasn’t bowled over by the headphones but they were better than I expected with a very reasonable quality of audio reproduction across the spectrum, given the nature of the product I’d say the sound quality was perfectly adequate with the only caveat being that they would really benefit from a better seal on the head, which is again where the bigger ear pads would be handy. Call quality and wireless range both lived up to my expectations of a Bluetooth 4.0 audio device too but the real star of the show was the battery life, I was very impressed to average 15 hours of playback across multiple charges!

So is the LAVI Ds good value? Well going by the USD price of $50, which would probably translate to about £40-£45 here in the UK I think they are worthy of the price tag, if not exactly in line for a value award. For the money you getting a good looking, lightweight set of headphones with very reasonable audio quality and a great battery life; it is a well-rounded product as usual from LUXA 2.

Ultimately the slightly too small ear pads and the marginally too high price tag knock the LAVI D headphones from LUXA 2 down to a Silver award, but they will be just the job for music listeners on the go thanks to the nice aesthetics and solid audio and battery performance.


A big thanks to LUXA 2 for providing today’s sample, I hope to see more from them in the future!

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Nice clean design
– Very light
– Solid audio performance
– Great battery life


– Ear cup pads need to be bigger
– Price is not unreasonable but a slight reduction would help the appeal greatly

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