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I bid you a welcome and hello to my latest review, this time its a very interesting gaming headset from the folks over at Roccat, the Khan Pro and I’ve gotta say it’s not every day you get to use a headset that feels super light and the Roccat Khan Pro fits that statement perfectly! Sometimes you can even forget you got it on it’s that light so enough of me babbling let’s get down to the nitty gritty and review this headset!


Roccat Khan Pro (2)


  • Weight (Headset only): 230g
  • Cable length: 2.45m
  • Jack plug: dual plug 3.5mm (3-pin)
  • Measured Frequency response: 10 – 40000Hz

Driver Units

  • Impedance: 25Ω
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • THD% @ 1kHz: 1%


  • Sensitivity at 1kHz: -40dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 60dB
  • THD% @ 1kHz: 2%

* Compatible with Xbox One controllers featuring a headphone jack

The Closer Look

Right, so you’ve seen the impressive specs for this light headset, a floaty light 230 Grams makes the Roccat Khan Pro feel super comfortable as well which is always important for a long session headset. This is down to the really nice comfy memory foam ear pad cups which is a new one in my book. The build quality of this headset gives a super top notch build feeling to it, it feels like a super premium headset for gaming as well as, yeah I know I keep saying it but I can’t help myself, being super comfy! The earcups are so comfortable thanks to the great use of memory foam as this helps with long gaming sessions or even movie watching as well as music listening.

Roccat Khan Pro (3)So after popping the Roccat Kahn pro out of the box, which wasn’t as difficult as I thought it may be from past experiences with unboxing things. The plastic packaging is nice and simple with two parts that just push fit together, which is ace as sellotape can sometimes make this bit frustrating to get past! Then its party time, the headset features a dual jack set up for connecting to a PC with a mic in and audio out but these two can be brought together using the dual to a single jack adaptor, this is for either Xbox One controllers or mobile devices.

The retractable mic is awesome too as it can fold up and stay up out of the way and is also bendable to get that perfect position for clear audio but not getting distorted by being too close! The mic also has a little switch that will mute once it gets to a certain point when stowing up away so you don’t need any inline controls and also gives the Roccat Khan Pro a super clean look with the braided cable which is always a nice addition in my eyes. The subtle use of stainless steel adjustment bands is also really nice and ties in with the muted greys and blacks this headset seems to use as it’s theme which is quite pleasant.


Eventually, we get to the important bit and that has to be how well this headset performs and its gotta be good if the Roccat Khan Pro has a few awesome features like ultra comfortable earcups or the fact its one of the lightest esports headsets around at the moment! The weight is definitely noticeable, or lack thereof at a light 230 grams, as it feels like you’re not wearing a headset after a while which can be both a blessing for gaming so that it’s more than ample for long sessions but also a bit of curse as you can easily forget you’re wearing them which isn’t too funny when trying to walk away from the PC but this isn’t a drawback just something to remember. I also enjoy the fact its a completely braided cable including the 2 to 1 adaptor you get in the box so if like me, you have other peripherals that have braided cables so you can be all matchy matchy!

I like it when a peripheral is quick and easy to get set up and in the case of the Roccat Khan Pro all that’s needed is to get up and running is to plug in the microphone line and audio jacks in and boom you are done, this is always a great thing in my opinion as fiddling around can often be a put off when you need to hunt down a PC driver and get it all installed and configured. Another awesome feature, that I actually came across by total accident, is the microphone arm and it’s a nifty little feature that is quite handy. When you stow the Roccat Khan Pro’s mic arm up and away it actually flicks a little switch once it’s at a certain point, this little switch actually flicks the microphone on and off which is an ace little feature and I prefer this to inline controls. The volume control is also on the headset itself which again negates the need for inline controls and this I somewhat prefer as there is less weight on the cable, thus less drag on the headset which makes for a more enjoyable user experience.

Roccat Khan Pro (4)

I’ve noted that over my time using the Roccat Khan Pro, I’m going to be using it as my daily driver from now on, its got great audio quality and if anything it’s hardly any different to my Asus headset which is a smidge bigger and slightly heavier but the levels of bass and voice quality output are nearly identical which is really impressive when you see how much smaller the drivers in the headsets are. I also had a good time testing the microphone and there are definitely noticeable differences here as I come through a lot clearer and the active noise cancellation works well to blot out any extra unwanted background noises which works really well and can often be important when playing titles such as CS:GO.

I’m going to cover fit and finish as these are somewhat important with the Roccat Khan Pro due to the market it’s aimed at, esports gamers who I would imagine might be looking at this headset as an upgrade, which I feel is really top notch with the memory foam ear cups for a snug but comfortable fit. I’m a fan of the overall finish which is really subdued as Roccat appear to have chosen a rubberised looking satin finish that makes for a break from the norm of shiny and bright finishes, as well as colours, mine is the black colour but is also available in grey and white so not an overwhelming colour palette nor are there any garish colours which is a nice difference to see.


All righty then I’m hoping I’ve still got your attention after all that, there’s not much more I promise, its conclusion and awards time. I’m a big fan of simplicity when it comes to peripherals and the Roccat Kahn Pro fits this amply with the simple mic and audio 3.5mm jacks to plug in and then you’re off. The fact it’s really comfortable boosts my opinion for the good features with this headset as gaming sessions always call for extra comfort wherever it can be added or gained. Yet another neat feature I have to point out is the auto muting microphone this, as I mentioned above, is great when you need to talk to someone away from PC or if you don’t need the mic to be active it’s quite handy. Did I mention the fact the Roccat Khan Pro only 230g which makes it one the lightest PC gaming headsets I’ve ever used, it’s also one of the most compact but this impressively doesn’t impact sound quality!

Enough babbling on time for the really important bit and that’s how much can you bag the Roccat Khan Pro for, I’ve found it available at some online retailers for £89.99 but its currently £69.99 from Currys and Amazon at time of writing. Which I feel may be a tad overpriced for such a simple feature set on a headset but this is more than made up for in both comfort and build quality plus, where can you bag a headset with a whimsical weight of 230g for this kind of price? So overall I’m going award the Roccat Khan Pro the Play3r design award purely for the brilliance of making such a great sounding and feeling headset as light as they have but not sacrificing on the audio and microphone qualities but also the finish feels like that of a much more premium headset.

awards-designSo if you are in the market for a new headset and want one that the pros use I will happily recommend the Roccat Khan Pro any day but just remember if you have it on your noggin to take it off before getting up and leaving your PC!

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– Super comfortable and light
– Premium feeling build materials
– Voice quality is really clear

– A little on the pricey side for a non-USB powered headset
– Not an overly long cable

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