Speedlink have today sent over the Volity Ready Streaming Starter Set to review. Clearly aimed at streamers wanting a get-up and go bundle out of the box, let’s take a look at what you get and whether I think it’s worthy of consideration…

Speedlink Volity Ready Streaming Set Specifications & Features


  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Transducer type: 16mm electret condenser
  • Frequency response: 30Hz – 16KHz
  • Sampling rate: 96KHz/24bit
  • Sensitivity: -38dB +- 3dB
  • Equivalent noise level: 16dBA max
  • S/N ratio: 70dB
  • Impedance: 2.2k Ohms
  • SPL: max 120dB
  • Connection: USB-A

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Speedlink Volity Ready Streaming Set: Video Overview

Speedlink Volity Ready Streaming Set: The Verdict

Let’s talk about the build quality and, overall, it’s actually very good. I’d personally be inclined, as I think almost everyone else will be, at leaning towards using the swivel-mount arm and desk clamp over the desk mount so I’m going to brush over that with a simple ‘it’s fit for purpose’, but why use it when Speedlink include a desk clamp and arm in the box?

The desk clamp and swivel-mount arm are a metal construction and are very sturdy, as is the shock mount and the microphone itself, and being painted black throughout adds to the clean overall aesthetic.
My favourite thing about this is that Speedlink has routed the cable inside the metal arm from top to bottom with enough slack to pull the wire through to the exact position you like. I left just enough at the top to plug into the microphone with the rest out the bottom to plug into the PC. It’s a well thought out and executed design and it gets a massive thumbs up from me.
I have no problems recommending this kit for durability, it’ll do you proud.

One thing I did note is in the small print, it recommends that you put the microphone in the mount with the Speedlink logo facing away from you. I did do this in the soundcheck, but I did that after shooting all the video footage, so I thought I’d make you aware. I found this rather strange in my opinion as Speedlink is choosing not  to display its branding to the user, not the norm unless you consider the mic might be on camera so the logo gets more exposure!
Another thing to mention is the microphone does not have any onboard adjustment knobs like gain/pickup for example, so this will all need to be managed in the Windows environment. It’s not a negative as, to be honest only the more premium microphones come with this feature but it’s worth a mention.

Last mention is the pop filter. I found it rather difficult to properly install but I did get the hang of it eventually. Just make sure you leave enough slack to route it around to the front of the microphone. A positive mention is that it does a good job of removing the pops in words that I noticed when reviewing the comparison voice checks.

What’s hot:

  • A decent “Ready Streaming Set” out of the box
  • The microphone picks up a lot of noise
  • Well built overall
  • Priced perfectly
  • Works out of the box, no drivers needed

What’s not:

  • The pop filter isn’t the easiest to install

Final thoughts then, the Speedlink Volity Streaming Starter Set is exactly what it says. An all-in-one bundle that is aimed at someone wanting to do some live streaming. In my opinion, it’s a very good kit and deserves your consideration. The microphone is very good, though it does need some volume adjustment and as usual, when streaming anyway, a noise gate is recommended as it does pick up a lot of background noise: the sign of a decent microphone.

At the time of writing this the microphone is priced at €130 or £112 on Amazon UK at the time of writing. Which I think is a fair price for a dedicated streaming microphone bundle.

speedlink volity gold award

Thanks to Speedlink for sending the Volity Streaming Starter Set in for review.

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speedlink-volity-ready-streaming-set-reviewWith the right extras such as pop filter and stand/arm this microphone from Speedlink really offers a lot, a classic design along with good build quality, this should be up for consideration for anyone who is looking for a starter bundle and wanting to take their streaming to the next level.

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