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The story of Brand name anidees was from English first “an idea” but we play it to plural and it turns to “an ideas”but since the most ideas we collected for our product are from Europe. Thus we change idea to “idee” (German ,Dutch, France) and in plural form it turns to “anidees”.
anidees is a design company, focus on product design and provide value add items to customers. Our slogan is “Ideas from you”. Our aim is to be a brand/Company who listen to users and make “simple, elegant, and quality” products to our customers.

Today I’m taking you on the journey that is the anidees ai7m. The ai7m is new to the UK from anidees and it is an m-ATX case with plenty of cooling out of the box. The ai7m features a dual chamber chassis focuses on cooling performance and maximum configurability, or so they say. Continue on to find out if their claims are true or not…

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