Element Gaming Four Channel Fan Controller Review 11

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  • Manufacturer: Element Gaming
  • Model: Four Channel Fan Controller
  • Price: £29.99 (At the time of review)

Being the new kids on the block, Element Gaming is trying to prove themselves by offering a good range of affordable, yet quality products. As Esports becomes more and more popular, it seems more companies are catering to this fact and really aiming their PC-related products at the “Gaming” market. Element Gaming is focused on offering affordable products to their users while not compromising on performance. They have a nice range of Gaming peripherals for budget users and also, a few higher end offerings that should go over well with consumers.

Element Gaming is a UK based company and as such, will have to compete with most of the major producers and manufacturers of PC gaming related peripherals and accessories. From my own personal experience, the UK market is definitely one you would want to be a part if your company manufacturers anything to do with gaming. However, the UK market is not as big as the American and Asian markets which sometimes can make it a bit harder to break into. We here in the UK love our tech stuff, but as there is not as many of us, there is even less room for error and when it comes to “budget” products, we are rather picky.

For our first product to review on behalf of Element Gaming, they have sent us a fan controller that looks like it should hopefully be rather promising. The Four Channel Fan Controller doesn’t have a fancy name but looks like it should do the job and help users gain more control over their system. Will the Four Channel Fan Controller live up to expectations? Or, will it fail to impress us? Well, there is only one way to find out, let’s get the review underway, first some specifications.


  • Dimensions 14.9cm, 8.8cm, 4.2cm
  • Install into a 5.25inch drive bay
  • Molex connector power interface
  • Molex cable length 19cm
  • Fan interface 3-4pin
  • Aluminium alloy fascia
  • Blue screen
  • Temperature probe/fan power cable length 60cm
  • Max power 30watt
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