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Taking off the side panels and having a look around the inside and it is rather spacious inside, especially if using an m-ITX board such as myself. The Prodigy M color is designed for m-ATX boards and if that is what you will be using there will of course be less room and will also be able to make better use of the 5 x PCI expansion bays that are available.  If you haven’t already noticed by now the motherboard is actually upside down vs that of the conventional case but that is one of the great things about the Prodigy M, is the fact if you don’t like the motherboard upside down, you can turn the whole case upside down and the only major difference over that of a standard case is the 5.25″ bay would then be on the bottom and on the top side of the case you would see the backend of the PSU, which may or may not bother you.

Looking towards the rear of the case and to the right of the motherboard you will notice the place to install a rear exhaust fan, it has a unique design but can take both 120mm and 140mm fans and though it is very close to the rear IO shield of the motherboard you can still fit a nice 120mm radiator on, such as the Corsair H80i if need be. Above this is of course enough room to route any tubing should you decide to install a water cooling radiator of some type, there is also a nice little extra bit of ventilation to help with the overall airflow of the case.

BitFenix Prodigy M Color interior mono trayBitFenix Prodigy M Color interior rear

Taking a look at the front of the case from the inside and even with a full size PSU installed there is a bit of room between it and the 5.25″ drive bay, this will of course be needed for the cables and all that fun stuff when they are all connected up. Also worth noting is the vented area on the front side, which allows a few options for usage. Depending on your configuration you can leave it as is and let the vents on the outside allow airflow into the PSU, or you could take the front panel off and install a fan to help get air to the PSU and if you decide somehow to put the PSU somewhere else completely you could go ahead and put a fan on the inside to help bring airflow into the case.

BitFenix Prodigy M Color interior front

Keeping things going with the ridiculous amount of options the Prodigy M has to offer we can also see the bottom has quite a few mounting holes. BitFenix have really gone all out in trying to allow users to make the most of the Prodigy M Color and as such there are a number of configurations of fans and/or hard drives/SSDs you can install here. You could install a 230mm fan, a pair of 120mm fans, a 120mm fan and a hard drive or SSD, a hard drive and a SSD or a pair of either hard drives or SSDs, the options are there and should hopefully accommodate most users nicely.

BitFenix Prodigy M Color interior bottom

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