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Getting all the hardware installed inside the Prodigy was fairly easy, even when it came time to get the H80i mounted. I decided to leave the GPU out of the below photo as it leaves a better view of everything and as you can clearly see, there will be no problems slotting on in as there is plenty of space. Speaking of all that space, they only issue with it, is the fact it is all open which means cable management can be a bit of a pain as there is really nowhere to route cables out of the way and that is the only real downside to the case in my opinion. Personally I would have loved to see a little bit of room behind the motherboard tray even if that meant making the case a bit wider or, they could have devised a way to maybe route some of the cables underneath and on the bottom side of the case? At the end of the day however it is still possible to achieve a nice clean looking build inside the Prodigy M color, it just may take a bit more patience than that of which I have.

BitFenix Prodigy M Color Installation



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