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So after a good few days of getting to play with the BitFenix Prodigy M Color, I have my results and am ready to give my final verdict on the case.

In terms of performance, there is plenty that can be done to help with this, but even as it comes, it’s fairly decent. The Prodigy M comes with 2 x fans as standard and there are a number of different configurations you could use them in depending on what else you may have planned to go inside. This is a nice touch as we are seeing quite a few new cases coming with only one fan and it is normally mounted on the exhaust which is all well but it could definitely use some help from an intake fan somewhere to get the airflow party started. Aside from the included fans, there are vents on top, bottom, back and even the front of the case has vents though they may be mostly covered by a front panel they are in fact still there. This will also of course help with the overall thermal performance on the internal components as the Prodigy M will be able to naturally grab air from where it needs and it exhaust it in the desired direction.

Looking at the design and it is very aesthetically pleasing from the exterior to the interior. The Prodigy M comes in a number of different colours as the name would suggest and even then, you can buy additional and separate front and side panels in other various colours to give your Prodigy M a unique and one of a kind look. Colours aside it is still very pleasing to look at.  The design of the handles on top and feet on the bottom add a bit of flare to what could have just been a standard rectangle case. The inside of the case is designed to show off all of the hardware installed in it, it’s just some of the components can be tricky when it comes to cable management but overall the case should leave users with a nice looking build showing off all of their beloved components.

When considering the value of the Prodigy M Color I feel it has a lot to offer for its price. For around £65, you are getting a case that not only offers quite a few options on the inside but also the outside can easily be changed and customized to each individual users preference. On the inside, there is plenty of room to get a nice dual GPU m-ATX build going and even the option for a bit of water cooling or an AIO CPU cooler if that is your thing. Also, speaking of cooling and configurations there are a number of ways you could install your hard drives SSDs and Fans which is always a nice touch, the more options the better. The Prodigy M Color is a great case for the money and if m-ATX is your thing, it is sure to please.

When all is said and done, the Prodigy M comes in a number of colours, has plenty of accessories that can be purchased to help aid in its conquest to be aesthetically pleasing and it won’t break the bank. Can we really ask for much more in a case? I will leave the answer of that question up to each of you but I don’t foresee anyone who purchases the Prodigy M Color winding up disappointed.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Nice overall design
– Comes in a variety of colours
– Has plenty of separately purchasable accessories to help customize the look
– Spacious inside
– Plenty of configurations for fans and hard drives


– Doesn’t have a full-size ATX version
– Cable management in this chassis is not the easiest

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