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The Prodigy M has a few accessories that can be purchased with it separately. There are a number of different front panels in various colours that can be picked up for a decent prize to add a bit more customization to the Prodigy M should your heart desire. This is a great way to add that personal touch to your very own Prodigy M and is also great for modders or those maybe looking to try their hands at a mod as you can easily pick up a spare front panel and if anything goes wrong, you will still have the original to use.

You can also of course buy the windowed side panels in a number of colours to match the colour of your Prodigy M which is a nice touch. When the windowed panel and custom front panels are combined it can be quite aesthetically pleasing and with the number of colour combinations that can be had for both, should be good fun in finding the right combination for yourself.

BitFenix Prodigy M Color accessories all panelsBitFenix Prodigy M Color accessories rear frontBitFenix Prodigy M Color accessories front panelsBitFenix Prodigy M Color accessories panelsBitFenix Prodigy M Color accessories black front

If new panels are not enough for you, don’t forget about BitFenix’s extensive ranged of fans and LED strips that are always a great way to spice up any build. They come in a number of colours and varieties and can easily add an extra bit of flare of even help pin-point light to a specific area inside the case you would like to show off a bit more.

To see more options available for accessories please see my previous review HERE.

BitFenix Prodigy M Color LED  BitFenix Prodigy M Color led_2


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