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Starting with the packaging of the CM 690 III, the chassis comes in a relatively plain box with all the relevant information you are going to need; pretty standard stuff.  We have an illustration of the CM 690 III with information regarding the model number and of course a couple of the features; these include support for up to 3 x 200mm fans, support for 240mm radiators (AIO/Custom loop) and astonishingly support for up to 10 SSDs/2.5mm HDDs.

Inside the box or more specifically, protecting the CM690 III case are 2 x polystyrene inserts which is pretty standard with case manufacturers and of course, the plastic bag which protects the case from grime and dust during transit.

Taking a first look at the CM 690 III chassis in the flesh, the first thing you will notice is that this particular model is of course the windowed edition; it comes with a nice sized window which covers half the interior, hiding the unsightly cables/HDD enclosures to give it a neater look.  The case is also “midnight” black and I have to say, the finish is brilliant in my opinion and I feel it contrasts very well with the silver strips that go along the edges of the panelling.

The front of the chassis has a solid mesh finish to allow sufficient airflow to pass through and has the same black finish as the rest of the case; it is very glossy especially in direct light.  The CM690 III features 3 x 5.25” media drive bays in which you could also place a bay mounted pump/res combo if you wished to do so.  The front wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory Cooler Master crest situated towards the bottom of the case.

The CM 690II has a very nice hidden I/O panel which features a sliding door style panel.  This covers the front I/O when not in use and makes it look nice and tidy but personally, having the power switch/reset switch hidden by this is a bit inconvenient for me and because this isn’t an “advanced” version, it doesn’t come equipped with an X-Dock or an e-SATA header.  I still like it though especially if you are like me and rarely use the front I/O.


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