[section_title title=Closer Look – Exterior Cont.]Closer Look – Exterior Cont.

Taking a look at the reverse side panel, unlike the windowed panel, the opposite side has a bevelled design which is to aid in the art of cable management.  It also has the same midnight black finish as the rest of the case and I have to say, the side panels are solid and are of top quality steel so I have no worries that these will get damaged; unless you purposely try and destroy them of course!

The floor of the case has some nice and interesting features.  Firstly the Cooler Master CM690 III has a removable and washable dust filter which provides anti-dust protection to the power supply and beyond.  The second the is large rubber and plastic case feet which actually raise the case off your chosen surface (desk/floor) by a more than average amount which should increase the air flow of the case; something I would expect more on the HAF range of cases so all good!

Like the top panel which is held in by a thumb screw, the front panel also comes off allowing you all important access into the front; handy if you want to change the included 200mm intake fan which let’s be honest, why would you?  The 3 x 5.25” drive bay covers are also removable and there is also a removable dust filter covering the main body of the front panel.


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