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  • Brand: Cooltek
  • Model: W2
  • Price:  £91.75 (At time of review)

Cooltek offer a good range of PC Cases, CPU coolers, fans and other accessories and have been doing so since their start in 2003.  Their focus is that of high-end PC cases that are functional, have an outstanding design and are built with the best in quality for their respected price range. Cooltek offer a good range of Midi Tower and Cube cases and also have a line of cases that are powered by Jonsbo.

Following on from our last Cooltek review of the Antiphon Airflow, today I am taking a look at one of their cases powered by Jonsbo, the W2. The W2 offers some very unique features and is designed with water cooling and enthusiasts in mind. The W2 offers 2 separate zones, the motherboard is installed into the main zone while things like the power supply, hard drives, SSDs and optical drives are installed into the 2nd zone. This is to help offer better thermal performance and an overall more pleasing look for those who want to show off their case. It comes in two versions, standard or windowed, both of which have a simple yet elegant design. While designed with water cooling in mind it is hard not to see that the W2 is easily customized and would be a great starting point for modders looking to have some fun.

Before we get into the review, let’s have a look at some of the things Cooler have to say about the W2. Followed by a video overview and the Specifications:

The front of the W2 has been deliberately kept simple and convinces with its edged, straightforward design. Power and reset button, as well as the I/O panel can be found on the right side of the case, in order to preserve the unobtrusive design. The chassis of the W2 is made of 1 mm thick steel and offers the case maximum stability. Front, sides and top cover are made of brushed, 2.0 mm thick aluminum.

The ventilation system of the W2 is designed for maximum performance. In the first chamber of the case two 140 mm fans are pre-installed. At the rear, one 120 mm fan is located. Two additional 120 mm fans can be mounted at the bottom of the chamber. In the second chamber, one 80 mm fan can be mounted behind the front cover, in order to provide cooling for the hard disk drives. Dust filters in the front and under the bottom of the case prevent dust from entering the interior.

Another main feature of the W2 is the possibility to install radiators for a water cooling system in the first chamber without a lot of effort. Behind the front panel, a 280 mm radiator can be accommodated, which can be cooled perfectly with the two preinstalled 140 mm fans. Depending on the motherboard used, it is also possible to install a 240 mm radiator with corresponding fans at the bottom of the case.

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