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Taking a look at the front of the box, we can see the Cooltek and Jonsbo branding across the top, as well as the W2 which is of course the model. Moving on down it informs us this is a Compact ATX Case with an aluminium design and even gives us an outline image of the case itself.


Both sides are mirrored and feature the same information which is a specifications list in various languages and also lets us know if we have the standard or windowed version and what colour the W2 inside the box should be.


On to the back of the box we have a nice image of the case broken down by each individual components that makes it up.


Inside the box alongside the W2 are of course are a user manual, some screws, a couple of zipties and a post speaker. Also, Cooltek and Jonsbo have included a magnetic fan filter. This will come in handy if removing the rear exhaust fan as the vent that comes installed can only stay in place if there is a fan installed as well.


Getting the W2 out of the box and it sure is a beauty. I normally am not one to enjoy a full aluminium design but I must admit this is very aesthetically pleasing. Notice how there is nothing on the front panel, no optical drive bay and no IO panel, this is something I am quite fond of. The front panel also easily lifts off allowing access top the 2 x included 140mm fans.


Now that the front is off the user will have easy access to change the fans or even add a 280mm radiator for some water cooling action.


The window is nice and big, this will be a great way to show of the hardware/water cooling gear inside, should you decide to add some.


Taking a look at the other side and we can see some vents in the bottom right corner, these are there as this is where the power supply will go and allow for the airflow to it. On the bottom left we have our front IO panel which includes 2 x USB3 ports, Power/Reset buttons and our audio jacks.

Cooltek W2 IO

Moving on to the back and there is quite a bit going on here, all in a good way of course. Starting across the top and working our way down we can see a fan controller switch on the left hand side, this is set to control the 3 x fans that come pre-installed. We can also then see 2 x holes for watercooling hoses of shorts, with a fan right below. Remeber if removing this fan the vent will come off with it.

To the left of the fan is the cutout for the rear IO panel on the motherboard with a 5.25″ bay next to it. That’s right, the 5.25″ drive bay is located on the back of the case on the W2, something I for one enjoy very much. I am normally not one to have an optical drive in my case as I just don’t care to have it there but if it was set in the back out of the way, ready for the odd occasion I use it once every couple of years I would consider installing a nice Bluray drive of sorts.

Moving on down and we can see the cutout for the power supply in the bottom left, the way the case is designed the power supply will sit on its side inside of the W2. Next to that we have another feature I though was nice, they have included 8 x PCI expansion bays. Most cases these days only come with 7 and while most people will not need an 8th, it is always nice to have it available just in case.


A closer look reveals the fan controller has 3 separate settings, low-standard-high? Not positive on that but it is generally something similar to that.



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