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Installation was a piece of cake in the Cooltek W2. Having the two separate zones really makes life so much easier and the installation process goes quicker as such. Not having to worry about having unnecessary cables in the way is always a plus if you ask me.

When I installed my Z97 based system in the W2 I started with the main zone as in the picture below. As all the wires/cords/cables will be in the back there really is not much need to worry about where they will go and what to install in what order so you can route them properly.

One of the main things I liked with the W2 versus similar cases was the fact it put all of the hard drives and SSDs in the rear zone. This was nice as especially for my test system I use miss-matched drives and I feel it looks a lot better without them on show anyways, even if they did match. The whole build just looks clean his way and as you can see there is also plenty of room for reservoirs, pumps and what ever other water cooling gear you may want to fit in.

It really was a joy to build in the W2 and while I didn’t do it full justice by installing a custom loop water cooling unit I still feel it offers one of the cleanest looks I’ve seen in awhile.



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