[section_title title=Closer Look Pack/Ext]Closer Look Pack./Ext.

On the front of the box there is a nice image of the ARCADIA with a 3D text of it to the left, across the top we can see it is a mid-tower and just below this is the Raijintek logo.

Raijintek Arcadia_5

On the back of the box is an outline image of the ARCADIA, this time with the side panel off giving users a look at the inside of the case. Below the image users will find a specifications list and to the left of that some contact info for Raijintek.

Raijintek Arcadia_6

While neither side of the box really has a whole lot going on, one side informs if inside the box is the normal (black) version or the white version of the ARCADIA.

Raijintek Arcadia_8

Aside from the case there is a plastic bag inside that includes the user manual and a couple of fan filters to help keep dust out of the case, especially when installing fans.

Raijintek Arcadia_3

Looking at the ARCADIA from the front it has a nice mesh-type front panel to allow for maximum airflow throughout the inside of the case. The 5.25″ optical drive bays have easy release clips so users looking to make the most of them will have no problems at all.

Raijintek Arcadia_1

Both side panels are a mirrored image of one another, they features a gloss white look and a nice raised area that will no doubt come in handy on the backside when it comes to the cable management side of things.

Raijintek Arcadia_9Raijintek Arcadia

On to the back and we have our normal group of features, there is a pre-installed fan, motherboard cutout, 7x PCI expansion bays and a cutout for a bottom mounted PSU. Above the fan users will also notice there are 3 holes that could be used for water cooling tubes, or anything else you may need to route outside of the case.

Raijintek Arcadia_4

On the top is a nice vented area that will allow users to install 2x 120mm fans or maybe even a 240mm AIO liquid CPU cooler if that is your thing, this is also where the bigger dust filter we previously had a look at is meant to be installed.

Raijintek Arcadia_7

On to the bottom and there are 4 feet to help keep the ARCADIA off the ground to allow for better airflow, speaking of airflow the vented area for the PSU is where the smaller of the dust filters is designed to go as we definitely do not want a dusty PSU.

Raijintek Arcadia_2


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