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Getting everything installed inside the ARCADIA was a fairly easy and straight forward process. The only thing I really had an issue with was the fact there was no room to route my 8-pin power cable from my PSU behind the motherboard tray. Looking from the back of the motherboard tray it does however look like there is a hole placed just for this reason but once all is said and done it is not in the correct spot, bit of a let-down if you ask me.

Putting that one issue aside getting everything inside the ARCADIA was an easy job and while things may look a bit tight in the photos, which it kind of is, there is more than ample room to get your build inside. While the cable management system in the ARCADIA isn’t the best overall it should be more than adequate for most users and the hardware they put inside, one thing to remember is there is no window on the side panel so this will not be on show, meaning cable management will be mostly to improve airflow and make sure ones OCD doesn’t set their eye twitching.

Raijintek Arcadia_11


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