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Jumping right into things let’s start with the design of the ARCADIA and even though it’s a budget case, the design is not all bad. A lot of times when companies making budget gaming cases they compromise performance and standard features for over the top LEDs and designs that really offer no functional benefit, this is not the case with the ARCADIA. Raijintek have gone with what I would consider a fairly normal design while trying to give users some of the features they would want and deserve such as including a couple of fans filters to help keep dust out and even though there is no window on the side panel, Raijintek have given us some cable management options. For a budget case I feel Raijintek have done a good job with keeping it simple yet functional for its price point.

On the performance side of things, the ARCADIA is a solid offering. One of the main features I feel helps with this point is the fact Raijintek have included a topside vent that even if users decide not to install fans or an AIO liquid CPU cooler, it will still allow for a good amount of heat to escape the case. If users feel the case is getting a bit to hot inside there is always room at the front of the case to install an intake fan to help bring some cool air into the case which will of course help out on the performance/cooling side of things. All in all for the money, you really can’t complain.

Now onto the value and Raijintek have done another exceptional job of giving us a great all around budget case. The ARCADIA comes in around £25 here in the UK and has plenty of support for air cooling and also a topside vent that users can install a 240mm AIO CPU cooler. Aside from that the ARCADIA is not overdone with edgy or ‘gamery’ looks that some budget gaming cases are overdone with, it’s simple yet pleasing design offers functionality and the fact that it comes in either white or black means users will hopefully be able to make it blend in with its surroundings.

When it comes down to it if you are looking for a cheaper budget case that will keep your hardware safe and has some features similar to cases that are a bit more expensive than the ARCADIA is right up your alley. For £25 you are definitely getting your moneys worth and can turn a build inside the ARCADIA into a nice gaming setup.

I would like to thank Raijintek for sending the ARCADIA in for review and look forward to seeing what they come out with next!

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Plenty of air cooling support
– Support for a 240mm AIO Cooling Radiator
– Comes in black or white
– Not overdone with gimmicky ‘gamer’ features


– Dust filters are cheap
– No place to route 4/8-pin CPU power cable through the back

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