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Since their establishment in 2005, Xigmatek has evolved greatly and is committed to providing innovative technology with a superb quality that matches their customer service. They invest a lot into research and development and their head office accommodates a team of over 20+ research and development engineers and product designers and technicians who have experience in thermal engineering and mechanism design.

Today I will be taking a look at the Xigmatek Echo which is a budget-friendly PC Case designed with the goal in mind to provide a great looking yet affordable PC case. It features a nicely designed front plastic bezel that has hidden airflow grills and a white LED strip under the IO panel. It comes with a pre-installed rear exhaust fan and also has room for optional fans on the front and side panel, which should help allow for a decent amount of airflow to keep the hardware inside nice and cool.

Before we get into the fun, let’s see what Xigmatek have to say about their Echo PC case:

This Winter Xigmatek introduces a new enclosure by the name of Echo, The main design concept was to create something spectacular but at the same time sophisticated and prestige. Not only did we want Xigmatek Echo to look great but we wanted it to be affordable so that everyone can get their hands on one.


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